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Window Tint + Films Explained

While there is an important aesthetic aspect to the design and incorporation of windows in our homes, stores, restaurants, offices, and vehicles, their functions are far more important than just good looks. As critical and beneficial as they are, windows are also an avenue for a few less-than-desirable consequences resulting from their presence, as follow:

  • Windows let all-important day light into our spaces. However, the sunlight that we enjoy is made up of a variety of energy wave bands, some good, some not so much. On the positive side, we get the all-important visible light, which we need and want. Along with it, tho, we receive invisible ultraviolet (UV) energy, which is a highly significant contributor to increased heat loads in our spaces. That same UV energy is highly detrimental to our skin, burns our eyes, and contributes to the deterioration of materials inside our buildings, houses, and cars.
  • Windows allow the connection with what is going on outside our spaces. At the same time, they are potential points of access to places that we need to feel secure in and, thus, compromise the safety of our families and belongings.
  • Windows provide us with views of our surroundings that contribute to the pleasure we derive from our homes and other places where we spend our time. In bad weather conditions, however, these same visual portals become weak spots in our protective systems.


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