Rebate Info

The Federal Government and some local energy companies provide financial incentives in the form of tax credits and rebates for homeowners who have their windows tinted for energy and/or security purposes.

The links below can be used to find out further information on the various programs applicable to your situation. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us for assistance.


The Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, now extended through December 31, 2010, provides the homeowner tax credits for up to 30 percent on the costs of qualified window film products, up to a maximum of $1500.




TECO currently pays incentives of up to $2 per square foot for window film, with no maximum. See the TECO web site for the latest details.

TECO Web Site

TECO Window Film Form (PDF)


Progress Energy provides rebates of up to 50% (maximum $100) of the cost of window film for homes that have whole house electric cooling and heating. Approval for the rebate is subject to a recommendation received during a Home Energy Check which must have been completed within the previous 24 months. See the Progress Energy web site for the latest details and additional information.


Let the Sun Shine In

~ The roof, walls, and windows of our homes receive an abundance of solar radiation on a daily basis, which impacts the heat load that our ever-running air conditioning systems must deal with. There are design features that can assist in lowering the load, like large roof overhangs which provide shade to the walls and windows below them. Appropriately-designed landscaping can also provide shade to walls and windows. However, left unshaded, windows provide a significant source of interior solar heat load. At Baywash Tint, choose a home window film that rejects up to 80% of the UV radiation that creates excessive heat buildup - WINDOW FILM SOLVES THE PROBLEM.

Manage the Glare

~ Windows provide the wonderful views of our surroundings and a desirable connection to the outside. When the sun is at such an angle that it produces excessive direct or reflected light, the resulting glare diminishes our enjoyment of the views. At Baywash Tint, choose a window glass film that provides up to 93% glare reduction - WINDOW FILM SOLVES THE PROBLEM.

Minimize Solar Damage

~ The daylight that enters our spaces and brings them alive for our enjoyment also has a detrimental effect on the materials that are used for our furnishings and decor. Unless they can stand up to the UV that they are subjected to on a daily basis, wood flooring, carpets, fabrics, and especially artwork will deteriorate as a result. At Baywash Tint, choose a solar film that filters up to 99% of the UV radiation that can damage the materials inside in your home - WINDOW FILM SOLVES THE PROBLEM.

Protect Against Storms

~ During the inevitable severe weather events that we experience in Florida, windows are the weak point in our protection against the elements. High winds create the likelihood for flying debris that is readily capable of penetrating windows, thus subjecting our homes to water damage and potentially devastating storm damage. At Baywash Tint, choose a hurricane film that is able to stand up to the weather - WINDOW FILM SOLVES THE PROBLEM.

Protect Your Family

~ Security for our families and our belongings is one of the most important benefits that our homes provide. However, the abundant windows that provide the fabulous views that we enjoy are also the points of vulnerability that compromise our safety, as they are readily-breached access points for intruders. At Baywash Tint, choose a security film that protects you and your family - WINDOW FILM SOLVES THE PROBLEM.