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  •  The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon Technology
  • *
      Non-reflective, "black" finish that will not fade
  • *
       Superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection for increased comfort
  • *
    Signal enabling technology, eliminating interference with cell phone, BlueTooth, radio, or GPS systems
  • *
    Lifetime Manufacturer's warranty, including fading


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No single window film nor film manufacturer can meet the demands of every application nor every budget. Therefore, we have established dealership arrangements with a select group of manufacturers who offer products that meet our standards and our customers' needs.

Our lineup of superior products includes window films from the following select manufacturers:



LLumar is the world’s best-selling brand of glass treatment films, with a complete line of automotive window tint, commercial and residential architectural window films, safety/security, anti-graffiti, and decorative films. Professionally installed by Baywash's skilled crews, LLumar high performance films greatly enhance the look, functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency of your windows, giving you control over your environment.


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SunTek window films have been installed across the globe in a variety of applications to lower energy costs, increase comfort, offer privacy, and increase safety. SunTek's products are available at the most competitive price possible. Baywash installs SunTek products for auto, residential, and commercial projects.

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